Who is Ramahn?

I am a father of 3, husband, Air Force Veteran, outdoorsman, tech geek and car fanatic. I also understand the struggle of the GenX aged “WANTrepreneur”. That is, the motivated, entrepreneurial-minded mother/father/career professional who has a “good job” but wants more out of life than just working a 9-5 and paying bills - living pay check to pay check. It’s the ambitious and hard worker who has failed in side hustle after side hustle, trying to figure out how the internet, social media and marketing are all supposed to work. 

I can relate to all of the above, because this was my struggle. After years of failing forward, learning invaluable skills and having a huge mindset shift, I have begun to turn my struggles into victories and I want to help you do the same. 

Despite the current negativity and doom & gloom you must realize that no one can stop you…but YOU! If you want growth, results and success, the time is NOW. Take the FREE quiz below and then join my FREE GenX  Entrepreneurial Community, for success secrets, giveaways, coaching and motivation!


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